We are a team of creatives who’ve spent our lives helping tell stories. We want to help you preserve the ones that matter most to you.


Ed Weinberg has held several senior editorial posts at print and online publications. He has a sense for stories and the organizational skills to get them told the right way.

He’s done this for Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher (edited Children of Terror and Finding Dr. Schatz), interview subjects like Vietnam War orphan / Vietnamese orphanage founder Suzanne Thi Hien Hook, and the subjects of the books on this site.

You can see his personal site here.


Chelsea Chapman is an artist, designer and photographer from the UK. Her aesthetic marries stark lighting with everyday reality, influenced by her experience living in Vietnam and Taiwan — her artwork goes in a more graphic and symbolic direction. She brings design expertise and knowledge to the Timekeeper team. 

You can see examples of her work on Instagram and her website.


When Jessie Moore was a child, she dreamed of becoming a highwayman — but instead of demanding money, she would demand people’s stories. She settled for helping others tell their stories as a co-writer and ghostwriter. She prides herself on helping others locate and ignite the spark that makes stories come to life in an engaging way. Her work has been featured on the TODAY Show on NBC and in Publisher’s Weekly (starred review).


Ben Bruckman / Video Editor
Ben Bruckman works in the healing arts, and takes this same holistic approach to his documentary filmmaking. He’s filmed corporate stories and people’s stories, including the forthcoming documentary of conscious dying, The Last Ecstatic Days. 
Through it all, he asks the same question — “The story of your life is being lived, but is it being told?”
His style seeks to capture less of the gloss we put on our stories in their telling, and more of the unique energy coursing within.


Sourav Sinha has worked for more than six years in the execution of institutional and historic projects in and around Philadelphia. He utilizes LiDar and photogrammetry to document existing infrastructure, helping designers better shape those existing spaces according to the culture and needs of their inhabitants.
He is a preservation and nature enthusiast who specializes in digitizing historic buildings, sculptures, artifacts and natural elements from a 3D perspective, striving to communicate their story to the world through digital visual impressions.


Siman Huang / Architectural Visualizer
Siman Huang grew up in China and has spent the past 10 years studying and working as an architectural designer in California, New York and Philadelphia. She has worked on a variety of building types and extensively uses drawings, models, rendered images and videos to visualize and document architectural spaces. She is interested in how space and material could represent a culture, connect with certain histories and function as a backdrop of storytelling.

When houses and other structures are important for telling a family’s story, Siman can render a model — an ideal anchor for online archives.


Zac Dell’Orto has been working in picture framing for over 17 years, including 10 years at an art conservation non-profit in Philadelphia. He has extensive experience framing fine art objects and objects of priceless personal value. Additionally, he has taught numerous workshops and webinars on techniques and best practices in Preservation Framing.

He lives in West Philadelphia with his partner, his pets, and his plants.